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Multiple Language Support- X-Wing

Multiple Language Support- Tie Fighter

Multiple Language Support- Speeder Bike

What's the charging time? And how do I know when it's charging and when it's fully charged?

Most of the times, a wall socket is not available at where I fly the drone. Can I plug the charger into a USB port of my laptop?

On page 27 of the manual, it says that there's an upgrade for Laser Battling. How do I activate it?

I've run out of spare parts, where can I get more?

The display case is not lighting up and not giving out sounds anymore. Does it have batteries that need to be replaced?

Does the drone have an On/Off Switch?

How do I replace the batteries of the Remote Control?

I see that there's a hidden cellphone holder inside the remote. Does it have an app in the Playstore/Appstore I can download?

How do I sync or pair my drone and remote properly?

How do I know if the Barometric Pressure Sensor is active or inactive?

My drone’s motors are not working or not activating even though both the drone and remote lights are solid. How do I fix this?

How do I deactivate the motors when the Barometric Pressure Sensor is on? And how do I use the Auto-Land feature?

How do I change the Speed Modes of my drone?

How do I activate the T-Mode (Training Mode)?

Can I change the flight control from 4-Channel to 3-Channel mode and vice versa?

How can I do stunts with the drone? And can I control which way it stunts to?

What are the three LED light bars at the center of the remote control for?

How do I enter Music Mode?

How do I fix unstable flight? How do I trim?

My drone keeps flipping over. How do I fix it?